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Let’s return with us and our project Pilsen 1945 to the atmosphere of spring in the year 1945, find out how Pilsen and its streets looked like those days and enjoy these uncommon moments from our history known from stories of people, who lived there, or from school books.



   Welcome to the Pilsen 1945 official website. This project is a part of traditional Liberation festival and will offer a wide military and historical programme from the 4th to 8th of May 2012. At this website you’ll find a detailed description and information about this project such as description of its parts, location of particular scenes, time schedules and the place for your questions is also here – so, if you have any question, ask us and one of the organizers will give you an answer. We’ve also prepared a historical overview about the events of Liberation of Pilsen and in the section called History you can watch some short videos from 1940s and photos from liberation of Pilsen, you can also listen to swing and jazz music or read an article with interesting pieces of information.

This project brings untraditional concept of Liberation festival programme and was prepared for you by five clubs dedicated to military history - KVH Tommy & Yankee o.s., Indianhead Club Pilsen , Pilsen Liberation - May 1945 o.s. (2nd Rangers BN), KVH 26th Infantry Division U.S. Army, KVH JTF Raiders o.s. and museum Patton Memorial Pilsen in cooperation with the partners.

The target of our reenactment clubs is especially to continue in the future in tradition of Liberation festival in Pilsen and preserve it for next generations because it isn’t good to forget our heroes from history. History is a part of our culture and nobody should be phlegmatic to it. We all want to offer a good-quality and historically authentic programme which will try to show the atmosphere of May 1945 in our city. Our clubs took part in Liberation festivals also in previous years, separately or in cooperation with Západočeské museum in Pilsen or Patton Memorial Pilsen. Liberation festival is annually for all of us the most important even of the year and we do the most to bring a “living” picture of the year 1945 to all the inhabitants of Pilsen and its visitors. Project Pilsen 1945 continues in tradition of successful projects from the year 2010 – “Through the Liberated Street of the year 1945” and „Camp 1945“.

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